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Key Stage 2 Results

Key Stage 2 Assessment Results 2016


2016 is the first year of the new statutory assessments.  National Curriculum levels are no longer used; instead achievement is described in terms of age related expectations.  For this reason, comparisons between year groups is not possible.  2016 must be seen as the first year of a new system of expectations.  Assessment data available as of July 2016 is as follows:


Subject                                                % Achieving age related expectations Percent of pupils achieving greater depth/higher standard
Reading     55% 20%
Spelling,Punctuation & Grammar 55% 5%
Writing 75% 30%
Maths 60% 10%








Average progress in reading is -1.4

Average progress in writing is 0.2

Average progress in maths is -3.1


Average scale score - Reading  102

                                   Maths  101


Parents may wish to refer to the standards and testing agency leaflet for parents to support their understanding of the new assessment and terminology.


Key Stage 2 Assessment Results 2015


Subject % of Pupils achieving Level 4+ % of Pupils achieving Level 5 
Reading 76% 14%
English grammar, Punctuation and Spelling 62% 19%
Writing 71% 19%
Maths 71% 9.5%


% making 2 levels progress from KS1 to KS2


Reading 75% (of which 19% made more than 2 levels progress)
Writing 100% (of which 38% made more than 2 levels progress)
Maths 85% (of which 9.5% made more than 2 levels progress)


% achieving level 4+ in reading, writing and maths combined - 61%

% achieving level 5 in reading, writing and maths combined - 5%


Further Key Stage 2 Information for the school can be found on the DFE School Performance Website


Access the DFE School Performance Tables Website here

Please note, however, that year groups with under 11 children will not be included on the above Website.